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Make your own project or paper about animal abuse or animal rights


This page is meant for pupils and students who want to write (a project) on factory farming or animal rights.
We will guide you through Animal Freedom step by step, after which you can decide for yourself which information you will use for your project.


Shortened (guided) tour on Animal Freedom.

Click the text fragments coloured like this for more information and return to this page by pressing the button in the upper left corner of your screen ("back/previous page") or click on "information" again in the left section of the page. It might also be useful to bookmark this site or add it to your favorites in order to return to this page.

  1. We will start with the history of factory farming in Holland and what kinds of problems this has created. The situation per animal per province is shown on maps and illustrated by pictures, clips, and slides.
    Animals and people in the third world are still and again treated like slaves.
  2. What slows down improvements in animal welfare in general?
  3. What's wrong in factory farming? The worst abuses are summed up here. On our video page an overview of several abuses (during international transport and in the treatment of animals) in clips.
  4. Animal Freedom's central message concerns an animal's right to freedom. We refer to this article everywhere on our site. You can click it now if you have skipped it so far. If you want to compare the concept of freedom to other concepts as a basis for animal rights, review the article 'do animals have rights'?
  5. When you have decided on a point of view, check the summary of our opinions and whether you have listed all (counter)arguments. If you are still looking for particular information, think of a keyword and use our search system.

Do you want questions about animal rights answered in simple words? Click here.

Do you like to fill in surveys and polls? It is an easy way to get to know us better and compare your opinions with ours!

Good luck with your project.

Do you have any more questions? Mail us (remove the text "NOSPAM" from the address).

In the flash-movie "the Meatrix" the problem and rise of factory farms explained with some cynism on this interactive website: