What you can do to stop animal abuse and factory farming

Here's what you can do to help animals

Stop factory farming by what you eat

As a consumer, you have an arsenal of tools that you can use to help stop factory farming. We will name a few. Maybe the most important means at your disposal: stop giving money to factory farming by no longer buying meat and other products from factory farming.
  1. Don't buy from companies that don't care about animal rights.
  2. Vote out factory farming.
  3. Protest against permits for factory farms.
  4. Write to newspapers and magazines.
  5. Support organizations against factory farming.
  6. Make clear how you feel about animal rights.
The four food groupsDon't eat foreign animal products. Welfare objections stick to imported animal products. Why would a country overproduce and deplete its natural resources? This cannot go hand in hand with a balanced and animal-friendly way of working. By the way, this mainly goes for Holland. With Dutch products, you should select ecologically responsible (biological) products. For instance, prepare meals without meat (more often). Ideas for vegetarian dishes can be found for instance at the Vegetarian Union. Products from biological farming are a good alternative for factory farming. A strange phenomenon is that people are prepared to make healthy and responsible meals at home, but seem to forget this principle at school or at work. Apparently there's not the time, the will or the possibility to stop and consider the origin of their food there. Make clear that you want responsible foods in the company restaurant or cafeteria, which doesn't come from factory farming but is ecologically (biologically) responsible.

Don't buy from companies that don't care about animal rights

In general: you can use your economic power and show companies that for this reason you do not wish to make use of their products and services. Don't open accounts with banks that give out loans to companies in factory farming. Don't buy from supermarkets that don't offer ecological products. If you want to invest or save money, consider green investments. Check out our information on quality marks to see which companies do or don't consider animal rights.

Vote out factory farming

During local, provincial and national elections, vote for a party or candidate who speaks out against factory farming. Approach political parties and ask them about their viewpoints regarding factory farming. Many Members of Parliament can also be reached through e-mail. Read party programs. If your party hasn't got an animal-friendly program. Select one from the list that does. Political parties have to bear their responsibility for animals as well. Look under "taking action" for examples of writing actions.

Protest against permits for factory farms

If factory farms want to settle near you or want to extend their stables, there are possibilities to stop them from getting permits. Local departments of environmental organizations can help you (often free of charge), for instance by giving legal advice. For names and addresses, look on the page with national and local action groups. It is often possible to do something against companies that already have permits, if you can prove that you are really troubled or bothered by them.

Write to newspapers and magazines

Submitted letters-sections in newspapers, magazines and club periodicals are often read by many people. Sending a letter in which you state your opinion on factory farming, can make many people think. You have a better chance of getting your letter published if you react to an article you read earlier in that paper or magazine. Also read our writing tips. Various magazines and national and regional newspapers have a site on the Internet, and often offer the possibility of sending in your letter through e-mail. Send a protest letter to the Code of Advertising Committee if you see commercials or articles in the media that do not take animals seriously or if they are misleading.

Support organizations against factory farming

In every country there are various active organizations that fight factory farming. If you want to help them, you can become a contributor and/or apply as a volunteer to help with actions. Register as a volunteer and help (with) others to give animals a dignified existence. You can support the Animal Freedom Foundation with a donation.

Make clear how you feel about animal rights

It can be tricky to determine how far you can go. If you exaggerate, it may turn out wrong. If you say nothing, nobody will know how you feel. When you have dinner with other people, you can always tell them (up front) that you won't eat meat from factory farming. And if you go shopping, tell the sales person that you are looking for ecological products. If you want to convince others of your viewpoints, it is best to target people whose ideas are close to your own. It takes a lot of time and energy to convert patent opposers. Don't strain yourself. Be brief and don't attack others when you tell them how you feel. If you are looking for (counter) arguments, read our list of non-valid arguments. If you have doubts on how to go about something, send us an e-mail and we will advise. If you make your own action materials, be sure to make them yourself or borrow them from official organizations. Don't make (improper) use of logos or materials of the party you are protesting against. If you wish to support us, a donation is welcome. Click here for our goals.

logoThis page describes one aspect of the influence that man has on the quality of life of an animal. We wish to promote the (in other countries as well) growing of awareness, that freedom is also important for an animal. An animal is not a thing, but a being that has the right to quality of a natural way of life. If you want to do something to help animals, click here for our suggestions. If you appreciate our site, then please help spreading the articles.

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