Suggestions for a Tasty and Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Most people in the Western world eat more protein than is good for them. In addition to that the consumption of high-fat junk food is addictive. It is time to take a different approach to our dinner plate: eat, drink, exercise and be merry. (Four major food groups instead of five, skipping the meat).

Less Meat and Fish, Is this Really an Option?

disk and dish without meatYes, meat and fish are not essential. The most important nutrients in meat, poultry and fish are proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Fish, especially fatty fish, is rich in vitamin A and important polyunsaturated fatty acids. By putting together our meals with care, we can obtain these nutrients form other food sources. Fish oil can be replaced by vegetable oils containing omega fatty acids from equal quality, for example from algae. For those who like to eat meat, it is still possible to eat healthy and tasty meals. If you put this into practice by alternating eating biological meat with fish or meat substitutes, this is healthy, or even healthier, and, if prepared well, it is also tasty, or even tastier.

It Is Even Better to Eat no Meat at all

But let's be honest, we believe that if you want to eat a truly sensible and tasty diet, it is best to change course completely. By staying close to the old menu of eating potatoes, vegetables and meat, you will be tempted to just continue to eat meat. It is healthy to eat 200 grams of vegetables a day. That is not very attractive if you eat just one type of vegetable. We believe you will stay most motivated to leave off meat by combining at least three different vegetables per meal and preferably more!

Complete, Quality Protein Combinations

The combinations of protein sources mentioned below provide a complete range of proteins. The combinations also promote good absorption of proteins by the body. Grains and leguminous plants. For example:
  • rice and lentils
  • wheat and kidney beans
  • oat and chickpeas
  • rice and tofu
  • wheat and soy
Leguminous plants and milk. For example:
  • navy beans and cheese
  • lentils and curds
Grains and milk products. For example:
  • vegetable pie with dough made of whole meal and a filling that contains eggs or milk
  • whole meal pasta with a sauce of milk products
  • Nuts or seeds and milk products
  • Nuts and leguminous plants (but no peanuts)
  • Peanuts and other nuts
  • Sesame seeds and rice
  • Potatoes and milk products
  • Potatoes and tofu, tempeh or soy
People who take vitamin supplements and want to know whether this is dangerous or superfluous, or who want to order vegetarian vitamin B12, click here. Do vegetarians run a higher risk of iron deficiency than meat eaters? Click here.

Losing Weight?

Diets aren't always the solution. People in the Western world keep getting heavier and heavier, in spite of dieting. Although some people do indeed lose weight while on a diet, it is a fabrication that a diet is the solution for everyone. The reasons why you eat are decisive. Emotional eaters eat more when they feel bad en external eaters are very sensitive to such factors as tempting smells, tasteful presentation and a cheerful atmosphere at the dinner table.

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