Drawing the line for freedom to abuse animals

"Animal Freedom" is a plea for the same rights to freedom for animals as humans. For humans freedom comes with responsibility. Freedom without responsible behavior is indifference. In our society we want maximum freedom for ourselves and in return we grant this to other people as well, regardless of how they intend to use their freedom. This should be done to animals too. A part of our freedom is that we don't have to worry about producing our own food. Unlike our ancestors who had to hunt for meat, we can limit ourselves to the hunt for the cheapest goods on the shelves of the supermarket. We delegate the responsibility for the production of meat to the cattle farmer. He in turn earns money for the production of meat and everyone is happy because everyone has the freedom to earn money in the way they prefer.
So far so good. Unfortunately, things turn out differently when the producer of meat turns out not to behave in a responsible manner. He abuses his animals by restricting their freedom of movement and injects them with hormones and antibiotics which poison the meat they produce when slaughtered. The consumer is not able to trust the producer and is forced to think about the undesired responsibility thrust back upon him. The consumer can search for another producer, but can also try to ignore the message or delegate the responsibility to the government. The governmentin turn is dependent on the consumer and the producer to behave responsibly, because policy cannot be implemented if there is no general acceptance of it and it has to be enforced by checking every citizens’ compliance. This vicious circle is hard to break if one of the three parties (consumer, government, producer) involved is stalemating another one. And unfortunately, all three parties have a financial interest in not upsetting the others. Someone who wants to take total responsibility for his or her life and who does not want to bother anyone else, for example by not using animals, has a hard life. So many products contain meat (by)products of doubtful origin, that it is almost impossible in this society to lead a real conscientious and responsible way of life.
Animal Freedom pleads for the introduction of a number of measures that limit the use of animals and therefore renders the abuse of animals nearly impossible. The measures are listed in the goals of Animal Freedom and are based upon the following basic aims:
  1. Stopping the import and export of live animals, factory farm(ing) products and wild animal products between countries or continents.
  2. The restoration of the natural balancefor wildlife.
  3. A realistic price for animal products, in which the costs of an animal and environmental friendly production is included in the price.
The route sheep are transported
Ad 1. Production exported to foreign countries is the basis for the existence of industrial farming and makes it impossible to have an economically healthy and sound farming policy in the country on a voluntary basis. Everyone who refuses to restrict himself to ethical sound limits, is ruining the market for others. Only within the framework of "no export" can there be a free market, in which the responsibility for animal friendly production can be left to the producer. Ad 2. This is used to oppose recreational hunting. The shooting of animals for fun shows the lack of respect and arrogance of the hunter towards the animals. We can best respect wild animals by striving to create a natural balance in the wild whereby natural predators make hunting unnecessary. In those circumstances, animals can behave natural and free as of right.
Ad 3. Those who want to eat meat at any price should pay a price that guarantees an economically sound life for the producer of the meat and for a relatively natural life for the animal. This can exist in the free market as described under ad 1. Only if we limit the excesses in and around the farm, can we enjoy our own freedom with a clear conscience. The basic aims of Animal Freedom will mean that in the long run, a lot of changes in the way people earn money. They are, however, merely simple policy adjustments that are completely in line with the way in which our society functions: on the base of a free market but with added safeguards for the weak.

logoThis page describes one aspect of the influence that man has on the quality of life of an animal. We wish to promote the (in other countries as well) growing of awareness, that freedom is also important for an animal. An animal is not a thing, but a being that has the right to quality of a natural way of life. If you want to do something to help animals, click here for our suggestions.

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