We should look upon animals as our equals (again)

My name is and I've been working as a magnetizer and psychic for some years. I apply magnetizing to people as well as animals. When we look at evolution, man is just another predator at the end of the food chain, meaning that from the beginning man has used animal flesh to feed himself. To keep a continuous supply of food, man specialized in keeping animals and in agriculture. So far, that's OK with me. I am the son of a farmer myself, my father had a cattle farm as people have done for years. Our livestock consisted of about 20 cows, 10 pigs that usually had young, 3 horses and 30 chickens. These animals lived in large stables and were free to roam our farmland. The pigs had a pen of about 5 square meters and they could go outside into the orchard. The chickens had a hen house with a dark area for laying eggs, and when they could they would be outside in all types of weather in their enclosure of about 200 square meters with bushes and trees. Our animals were part of our family and we knew them, where possible, each by name, even some of the chickens would come running when you called them and liked to be petted. Everything was biological; what the animals ate came from our land and their manure was spread back on the land. Even their reproduction was natural. For my father it was hard work and of course we kept these animals for their products and their meat, but they had a good life. But now I see arrogant humans (who think they are superior to animals, and think they are the only ones who can think or feel, and use tools) abusing animals for financial gain. Of course I understand that the old days will never return, and that farms as I knew them can no longer be profitable, but growing larger and putting increasing numbers of animals in small spaces, that's not dignified. Besides, all that meat is unnecessary and we really can't handle it all, so that we have to look for other meat products to make that really have nothing to do with the purpose of having a bit of meat on our plates anymore. People catch fish for animal fodder and oil, and animals we deem unfit for ourselves are used as cattle fodder themselves, so cows eat cows, etc. This has resulted in diseases like mad cow's disease, swine fever, etc. Even the products from the land are manipulated by fertilizers (bone flour) so that we have reached an overproduction. And instead of doing something with that in world food aid, we made the animals eat it so that we got more meat and meat products. Only recently the use of animal remains in fertilizers and animal fodder was banned. And what do we do, we pollute our environment again by burning these remains. As a magnetizer I regularly notice that animals do have reason, do have feelings, that they are able to think and plan ahead. I'm therefore pleading that humans should look upon and treat animals as their equals and take care of them as good family fathers again. Just like humans, animals have a right to a good life and living space. People have a duty to look after animals, a duty that animals have known of for a long time, because they've been looking after us for years.
Frans klaver
Psychic and Magnetizer.
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