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Privacy policy of the Animal Freedom Foundation

Most people visit us via search engines. Awareness requires patience without bothering people. In line with the philosophy of the Animal Freedom Foundation that freedom is a fundamental right for humans and animals, no details of interested visitors of the website are recorded by our organization. We adhere to the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Animal Freedom Foundation only has a website, has no members, does not send out a newsletter. Pull don't push.

With Google Analytics, the visitor flow on the websites is monitored anonymously. The IP address is masked, a processing agreement is signed with Google. Google Analytics data is shared with Google to improve Google products and services. The data is stored by Google for 2 months and analysed by us to optimize our site. We do not store cookies ourselves nor read them out.

Links with other websites

The website contains links to external internet pages (marked with this icon external website). The Board of the Animal Freedom Foundation is not liable for the use or content of internet pages to which a link is included on this website or of internet pages with a link to this website. Our privacy policy does not apply to personal data collected and processed by you on or via these external websites.


Donations are possible via Geef.nl and through direct deposit to our account. No own administration is kept of who donates, of course the revenue is reported to our board in a financial annual report.

Book sales

We sell books about our vision on animal rights and more via bol.com and lulu.com.

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