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The Centre for Food in The Hague (Netherlands) provides charts of recommended quantities of foodstuff for children, teenagers and adults. We developed an inter-active query by lining up the daily nourishment quantities, necessary for a healthy and moderately active person of 12 years old or older. The questionnaire gives feedback to four target groups:
  1. those who eat meat;
  2. vegetarians (who refrain from eating meat and fish, but do take dairy produce);
  3. vegans (who do not make use of a sole animal product);
  4. those who bring variation in their menu and take enough of the recommended nutrients.
The last group (that eats a varied menu) is to be seen as the subset of consumers who stick to the minimum recommendations of the dutch Centre for Food. By filling in this test you can instantly make sure whether or not with your food articles (f.e. legumes) you get down enough nutrients (f.e. carbohydrates) every day. However, when your outcome differs we cannot determine through this test whether you sufficiently compensate a possible lack. In that case you should consult a centre for food or a dietician.

Start of the questionnaire

We show you the recommended daily quantities of food. If, on an average, your daily consumption meets these quantities, then tick the boxes corresponding with your choices. If not: don't. After the last statement you automatically get to see the result about the degree to which your eating habits agree with the recommended quantities of each of the four target groups. When you make a choice, the percentage of agreement with recommended quantity may rise. No meaning may be attributed to the height of the percentage. However the mutual relationship does bear meaning: more important choices score higher in the test.
It goes for each of the four groups that when you score 100% under "varied menu", you get down sufficient nutrients. As for lower scores, 100% certainty can not be given. In that case and in order to obtain personal advice, either consult a centre for food (for vegetarian nutrition) in your country, or a dietician. Moreover you can always ask your physician to have your blood examined on containing sufficient nutrients. Of course it is no calamity when you consider yourself to be a vegetarian, but due to not being a hundred percent consistent you do not score the full 100%: what matters is that you reach 100% for "a menu that shows variety". By ticking off what you did not choose, you can see at which points you could eat more healthy. Thanks for completing this questionnaire. (If you clicked on a link, came back on this page to find your scores have disappeared, then again tick off any box and they'll reappear). If you care to read more on the advantages of eating less meat and the disadvantages of solely eating meat, then choose this link.
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