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Subjects related to animals in general

  On this page a list of articles about the reasons why animals are not always treated well, what we can do about it and why freedom is equal important to humans and animals.
Indifference about the fate of animals and influencing (consumer) behavior, how come?
Untruths that cause animal suffering
Keeping an animal dependent is wrong
Involvement is o.k. but let go of too much attachment to animals and avoid escalation
Ritual slaughter by Muslims, there is an alternative (cheaper and harmless)
A list of (types of) valid and not-valid arguments pro and against animal rights, factory farming, pro and against vegetarianism, animal experimentation, use of wild animals in a circus, seal hunt, hunting for pleasure, bullfighting
What dietary habits and types of farm management are ethically acceptable?
Animals are not material for therapeutic purposes
The attitude (eating) behavior model behind veganism
Inner liberation of man and the relationship with animals
Using animals does not go along with a clear conscience
Freedom is a valuable paradox
Respect, freedom and compassion
Freedom, boredom and addiction
Our opinion summarized in propositions and one-liners
Compare your opinions with those of Animal Freedom
Author: Bert Stoop