Animals in factory farms in Holland

Each year these numbers total up to 500.000.000 animals slaughtered. Holland has a population of around 18.000.000 people. The majority (70-80%) of the "animal products" is exported. For European meatproduction per country, refer to the FAO. We give a picture of their living circumstances.
species extra information
Hogs for slaughter This is how life looks for a sow.
For all of these animals we described the abuses that they suffer. How old an animal normally becomes and how it lives under normal circumstances and how this differs for factory farm animals, click here.
species extra information
Poultry Chickens for fatten This is how their lives look like.
Hens for eggs This is how their life looks like.
species extra information
Rabbits for slaughter This is how their life looks like
Turkeys for slaughter This is how their life looks like.
Mink This is how their life looks like.

logoThis page describes one aspect of the influence that man has on the quality of life of an animal. We wish to promote the (in other countries as well) growing of awareness, that freedom is also important for an animal. An animal is not a thing, but a being that has the right to quality of a natural way of life. If you want to do something to help animals, click here for our suggestions. If you appreciate our site, then please help spreading the articles.

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