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It's all about universal rights and values

Freedom is a common interest. Becoming aware of it and to contribute to this is fun and liberating.
An animal is a living creature with feelings and rights. We think this right should be based on the same principle as human rights: i.e. freedom.

Animal Freedom is the website of The Animal Freedom Foundation. It is a portal for presenting articles and books about (the basics of) animal rights, healthy food and farming in general and ways to end industrial farming in particular.


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Especially caged animals in factory farms, on international transports, irresponsible breeding, ritual slaughter etc. are deprived of their rights. The speed and the number of animals (species) we are (ab)using is immense. The solution is simple and not dependent of someone else.

For their well-being all animals need adequate possibilities to live a natural live.

This site is not all about problems, we have plenty suggestions for easy solutions.

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