The statutes of the Animal Freedom Foundation

The Animal Freedom Foundation was established October 2nd, 2003. We quote the most relevant articles from our statutes. A full copy, in Dutch, can be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen, The Netherlands (under registration # 02081807).

The objectives of the foundation

Article 2

  1. To fight against as well as to prevent the abuse of animals by stimulating animal-friendly, ecologically justified and small-scaled alternatives for the production and consumption of fish, meat and dairy produce.
  2. To advance the legal and public recognition of the freedom to be able to behave in natural ways as the principle for animal rights. The means to that are informing and influencing public opinion about the conditions of life of animals and about aspects of animal rights.
In order to achieve these objectives the foundation is entitled to:
  • Support the control of one or more websites that include the name of the foundation.
  • Obtain sponsor-moneys and other funds.
  • Carry out all other legal deeds that may seem necessary or useful in order to meet the foundation's objectives.

Article 3

  1. Any action that would involve commercial risk for the foundation is explicitly excluded from the objectives of the foundation.
  2. The objectives of the foundation are not focused on making profit. Sponsor-moneys will be obtained from commercial activities, scientific research, subsidies, donations, gifts, testamentary dispositions and legacies.
  3. The website Animal Freedom is the voice of the foundation and of others who endorse it's objectives. The foundation's board is not responsible for the contents of the website Animal Freedom. The website may not cause detriment to the foundation. At the end of each financial year, attunement will take place whether the contents of the website is or has been sufficiently in accordance with the objectives of the foundation. If that is considered to be the case, it's support of the control of the website will be continued.


Article 4

  1. The board of the foundation is formed by natural persons and consists of at least three members and is being appointed for the first time by this memorandum of association. The number of board members will, with due observance of the conditions as provided in the former sentence, be unanimously determined by the board.
  2. The board (with the exception of the first board, the members of which are being appointed in their respective functions) will amongst itself elect a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer. The positions of secretary and treasurer can also be fulfilled by one person. Upon the occurrence of one (or more) vacancies within the board, the remaining board members unanimously will (or the sole remaining board member will) within two months after the vacancy or vacancies originate, fill this situation by the appointment of one (or more) successors.
  3. Should for whatever reason the board lack one or more members, then the remaining members, or the sole remaining member, nevertheless form or forms a legal board.
  4. The board members receive no remuneration for their activities. They are however entitled to reimbursement of their expenses, made in the execution of their functions and on behalf of the foundation.
  5. The board is entitled to set up committees that perform tasks under the responsibility of the board itself. The costs of the committees are at the expense of the foundation. The board decides about task and the (number of) members of the committee(s) in question.

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