Personal stories of people that stand up for animals

Paul Watson: in an instant, my life was transformed and a purpose for my life was reverently established.

Wendy Verhezen quit fishing and started campaigning for aquatic animals and more.

Luchi from Argentina describes his inner path to becoming a fruitarian in a carnivoreus country.

Lidia Alonso translated articles into Spanish and wants to show her respect for animals.

Fabian Gort worked at a pig slaughterhouse for one day and reports.

Titus Rivas' philosophy is: every individual (animals included) has a right to respect.

Anna van Beek explains why she stands up for animals.

Frans Klaver is a magnetizer and psychic. He thinks that we should look upon animals as our equals (again).

Maaike Moulijn reacted to the question whether you can make children accept and copy your vegetarian lifestyle.

Laura Tietjens wrote a one-act play in which in a sort of prayer she asks herself why she is a vegetarian.

Hermine Ingen Housz-Menalda (with the "meat = suffering"-sticker action) wonders why people fail to see the suffering of animals in factory farming.

Fred became a vegan step by step after collecting more and more information. Now he wants to inform others through his own Internet site (Stop Animal Suffering) about the injustice we do to animals in serving as our food.

Josefien Klaassen has always found it incomprehensible that people feel superior to animals.

André Plaquet says: "the root of the problem is in human liberation: people who are truly free will also be free from the desire to limit animals in their existence".

Miriam Kenter wants to teach others how to handle horses.

In memoriam: on 24th September 2000 animal advocate Mies van Oosten-Poortman, founder and president of 'Rechten voor al wat leeft' (Rights for all that lives) passed away. She was known for the free-range egg, among other things.

For webmaster Bert Stoop, the insight that animals have a right to freedom slowly matured.

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