Angling is a sign of disrespect for fish

Against children's fishing competition, for respect for fish


Sport fishing causes animal suffering when people injure and induce stress to fish. Fishing disrupts and damages their habitat (their living environment). Even the most experienced fisherman causes pain and stress to fish when he reels them in. The misery of the fish in children's hands is multiplied because of their inexpertness. Not just fish, but also (water) birds, (wild) mammals and animals in and around pastures and the waterfront are victimized by the consequences of the fishing "sport". One of numerous examples is that they get caught in fishing lines lying around, and die slowly and painfully from starvation or because the circulation to their limbs is pinched off.


Fish can feel pain
cartoonWhen you catch fish, you hurt them. We think you shouldn't do that, and certainly not make it into a sport. Like you, fish don't like to have hooks through their lips or in their food. What do you think about fish, fishing and sport fishing?
Respect for nature means respect for all that lives. The cooperating organizations feel that adults should give children the message that they should respect fish also and therefore leave them alone.