Taking pets, what are the consequences?


Many people keep one or more pets.
Maybe you have one yourself.
However, most people have never stopped to consider the consequences for pets.
Which leads to the question: is it justified that people keep animals as pets?
With reasoning and facts, we want to invite you to formulate an answer to this question.
This may raise the question whether or not it is wise to have pets.
To clarify our opinions on keeping pets, we use the most familiar pet, the dog, as an example.
Let's start by outlining the history of dogs.

This article is part of a series on pet adoption. Below the table of contents of this series. Below that even more articles about pets.

Table of contents

Introduction: keeping pets.

An example: the dog

The history of dogs.
Modern day dogs.
Consequences of irresponsible breeding for dogs.
Drawbacks for dogs.


Why do people want pets?
Drawbacks for humans.
The pet-industry.


Take a pet?

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